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Freshworks CRM software - Freshsales

A Sales CRM for your business

Freshsales is easy to use, intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer relationship management (CRM) software. It helps you…

Sales force automation and lead management
Replace manual with automation

Improve productivity and focus on strengthening relationships with your leads by setting up intelligent workflows that can identify triggers, decide on follow-up actions and create rules to connect the two.

Capture leads in advanced real-time

Freshsales makes it easy to capture leads from web forms. Freshsales Smartforms use the existing web form to connect with the CRM and automatically captures sign-ups as new leads in the CRM.

New lead profiles are enriched with their social media information, including photo, activity on your website and lead score. This enables sales reps to focus on sales instead of collecting and entering lead data manually into the CRM.

    Send emails, make calls
  • Integrate your Gmail or any other email client with Freshsales to send and receive emails using the CRM. Emails are synced across both platforms to ensure your sales reps don’t need to juggle between several tools.
  • Create unlimited templates with placeholders, track opens and clicks, auto-create leads via emails and send bulk emails.
  • The built-in phone feature in Freshcaller also enables sales reps to engage in contextual conversations since they can view all phone conversations in the CRM and make calls in a click.
Visualize sales opportunities
    Visualize sales opportunities
  • Freshsales visual pipeline enables you to predict revenue, sort deals and even create custom views. Sales reps can easily drag and drop leads across stages, make calls and emails, create tasks and appointments all in the pipeline view itself.
  • Create custom reports and measure your sales team performance with Freshsales built-in reporting capabilities. View sales trendlines, see reporting across various modules, even create custom dashboard for quick insights into your business performance via key metrics.
Freshsales mobile CRM
Get more done on-the-go with the Freshsales mobile app

By using the Freshsales mobile app, you and your team get a 360° view of leads, contacts, accounts and deals. You can also update lead and deal statuses in real-time, email and call your leads, create voice notes, schedule tasks and appointments with calendar. Stay updated on tasks and reminders with push notifications and more!

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